Cedar Valley E-Sports Team Wins National Championship

Cedar Falls E-Sports Team Wins National Championship

Congratulations to the Cedar Falls high school E-Sports team who won the National Championship last night! CF Ambush won four of the five rounds in the final match to secure the championship over Lyons Esports.

CF Ambush wins national over watch tournament

Cedar Falls Community School District shared in a Facebook post, “There were 244 teams from across the US and Canada who participated in the season trying to qualify for the playoffs. Cedar Falls made that select playoff field of 16 teams and concluded the tournament last night with the championship victory!”

You can watch a replay of the tournament match here.

From the Cedar Falls E-Sports website, “Cedar Falls Schools has joined the High School Esports League (HSEL)  for the 2019-2020 school year. The school year will provide 3 different seasons for students to compete. HSEL is the largest league that includes over 1,000 member schools from across the country and Canada. Esports is a booming industry that includes many job opportunities beyond a professional gamer.”

Over 15 million dollars in scholarships were awarded to over 130 participating institutions.

More information about CF Ambush can be found on the Cedar Falls e-sports team website.

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