Introducing the Live the Valley Selfie Mural: Where Art Meets Community

Captivating Moments, Lasting Impressions

The Live the Valley Selfie Mural project, powered by Grow Cedar Valley at the 2023 My Waterloo Days, exemplifies the commitment to creativity and community collaboration. Unique designed Live the Valley Selfie Stations were setup at the festival grounds where attendees snapped selfies, while acclaimed artist PACO mesmerized the crowd with a live painting performance, infusing his passion for the community into every stroke.

Iowa Tourism 2024 Award Winner. Peoples Choice Awards

From Festival to Forever

Over 2000 selfies were digitally compiled into a stunning mosaic masterpiece celebrating the diversity and vitality of our community. Utilizing advanced technology, the team seamlessly integrated the live painting and collected images, printing the final artwork onto aluminum for a public art installation – The Live the Valley Selfie Mural.


A Monumental Achievement

Recognized with the 2023 Iowa Tourism People’s Choice Award, this public art collaboration stands as a testament to our commitment to creativity and community.

Join the Movement

The Selfie Mural is the only of its kind. The finished work is one of the largest public participatory public art collaborations in the state of Iowa. As part of the ongoing Live the Valley initiative, powered by Grow Cedar Valley, the Selfie Mural represents our dedication to showcasing the quality of life in our area, attracting and retaining a vibrant workforce that fuels our collective success. 

It’s one of the newest additions to the “Must See” list when visiting the Cedar Valley. The Live the Valley Selfie Mural lives at Experience Waterloo’s office space at 716 Commercial St, Waterloo, IA 50701, where every face tells a story.

Find Yourself in the Mural

We’re inviting everyone to find their face among the many in our stunning artwork! Click the link below to zoom into the mural and see if you can spot yourself or a familiar face.



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