CFU Awarded Fastest ISP in the United States

CFU Awarded Fastest ISP in the United States

  1. How Does PC Mag Decide Who The Fastest ISPs Are?
  2. Former President Obama Visits To Discuss The Internet And Infrastructure.
  3. The Cedar Valley Boasts A Great Cost Of Living

Who knew that the Cedar Valley of Iowa would have some of the fastest internet speeds in the country?! Correction, THE FASTEST internet speed in the country! Each year, compares ISP (internet service providers) from across the countries, taking into account

From,Cedar Falls Utilities (CFU) out of Cedar Falls, Iowa, has the fastest average PCMag Speed Index we’ve ever seen. Even individual towns with fast speeds were never capable of this in our previous tests. (Pick your jaw up off the floor so you can start searching Zillow for house listings there.) Its PSI of 1,350.4 shows what’s possible when your state doesn’t block municipal ISPs that are part of a town/city utility. (They are blocked in about half of the US.)”

How Does PC Mag decide who the fastest ISPs are?

From, “While most people don’t care about how this stuff works and simply want to see the results, it’s important to understand what you’re reading here. This isn’t a simple comparison of download throughput like you’d find with most ISP ratings. It’s more complicated and less complicated than that, simultaneously.

How much data your ISP can deliver to you per second is only one factor that’s important; the more we work from home, upload speeds (how fast data moves from your location to other points on the internet) is also as important. While the overhead on any network connection means you’re unlikely to ever really reach your ISP’s advertised speed, you should be able to come close.

While there is no lack of tools online for checking your internet throughput (everyone calls it “speed” for simplicity’s sake), we only use data from the PCMag Speed Test to generate this story.”


In 2015, Former President Obama visits to discuss the internet and infrastructure.

Shared in a Gazette article, “There’s Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Cedar Falls,” Obama said. “All right, that is the company you are keeping. You are almost 100 times faster than the national average, and you can log on for about the same price as a fully loaded cable bundle.

“What you are showing is here in America you don’t have to be the biggest community to do really big things…”

The Cedar Valley Boasts a Great Cost of Living

In the Cedar Valley, if you earn $70k a year, you could on average save $7,840 a year just from the more affordable cost of living. Think of all you could do with that extra cash! Are you curious about how the cost of living compares to your city?

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Did you know the Cedar Valley is 13.3% more affordable than the national average?!