How to Celebrate Pi Day in the Cedar Valley

So, it’s March 14th, which is National Pi Day.

If you’re not familiar, pi (π) is a mathematical constant. Originally, it is defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, It is approximately equal to 3.14. So that’s where the March 14th holiday comes from!

Now, how are you supposed to celebrate Pi Day? Easy, eat and talk about pie.

In the Cedar Valley, we are serious about pie! There are so many great restaurants and shops that serve amazing pies. Make sure to stop by all of them and if your favorite didn’t make the list, let us know so we can share the love!

First, a story of the Pie Lady, one of the Cedar Valley’s most famous pie makers: Viola Roberts of Grundy Center. One thing you should know about Viola is that she has been at this for a long time. She is 94 and has touched a lot of people with her work.

Image from The Grundy Register

“For the last several years, she’s been sharing her gift with the people of Grundy Center, bringing in her pies every Friday over the lunch hour at Manly and baking them for The Landmark Bistro.” – The Grundy Register. She recounts once baking 50 pies in six hours for a reception in Cedar Falls!

Viola, thank you for sharing your pie-making skills with the Cedar Valley!

Looking across the Cedar Valley, there are several awesome shops and restaurants that serve pie that is made right here.

4 Places to Celebrate Pi Day in the Cedar Valley!

We are lucky and have several delicious places to have amazing homemade pies. If you’re a big fan of homemade tasty treats, check out our article on The Donut Shops in the Cedar Valley.

One of the newer storefronts in the Cedar Valley that you can’t miss is Try Pie Bakery.

Try Pie has a great mission, “Try Pie empowers a diverse group of teen girls in life and leadership skills through meaningful work by making and selling great pie.

The Try Pie team builds reconciling community while learning about faith, job skills, entrepreneurialism, and financial stewardship, all while making and selling great homemade pie across the Cedar Valley!

They sure do make some awesome pies!

The next stop in this pursuit of pies is Klunder’s Kafe.

Paul, a fan of Klunder’s Kafe on Facebook says,

“Blue plate specials? Check. Glass-front case displaying pies as you walk in the front door? CHECK, BABY. Raisin cream pie for me, Lemon for Tom, and Banana for Matt.”

Klunder’s Kafe is a restaurant in New Hampton that offers a family-friendly homestyle dining experience and is a local favorite.

AND they make awesome homemade pies!

A short drive down Hwy. 63 brings you to The Mixing Bowl!

Photos from The Mixing Bowl Facebook Page

The Mixing Bowl was also a star of our post talking about great places to pick up some tasty donuts!

When the owner of the East Bremer Diner, and Terri of Terri’s Pies decided to partner, something very special sprouted from it. They offer all sorts of tasty treats, including some killer homemade pies!

There’s something for everyone.

Last, but certainly not least is Milkbox Bakery!

Photos from the MilkBox Bakery Facebook page.

The Milkbox Bakery in Cedar Falls is a newer addition to the Cedar Valley, opening in 2017 and offering items baked with organic and locally sourced goods.

“Geary gets milk, butter and cream from Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy in Hudson; buys her eggs and honey from local producers; grows some vegetables and herbs in her own garden and greenhouse; and gets her flours and organic grains from Early Morning Harvest, a small family farm near Panora that grinds the grains to flour with an old stone mill.” – The Courier

The bakery has a lot to offer in the area of sweets including danishes, and bagels, but most importantly, it’s all about the pies. Keep an eye on the Milkbox Bakery Facebook page to see what they have baked and are ready for you to enjoy!

Any other great places to stop in a grab a pie? Let us know by contacting us at!

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