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The Cedar Valley is an affordable six-county area with diverse college and university cities with trendy historic downtowns and idyllic small towns where grain elevators are the tallest buildings for miles. It’s your choice to live where the population is just over 700 to nearly 70,000—or any size in between.


Whether you’re an outdoor adventure junkie or just need to take a break from technology, you’ll find plenty of options for enjoying the Cedar Valley outside of your usual four walls.

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If music and art take you to your happy place—whether you enjoy expressing your own or appreciate someone else’s, you’ll find plenty to smile about in the Cedar Valley Region.

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Food Culture

If you’ve lusted after Iowa’s mammoth-size breaded pork tenderloins, drooled over butter-drippin’ fresh sweet corn, or dream about Thai, Chinese, or Italian cuisine, you can experience these throughout the Cedar Valley Region.

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From outdoor concerts, festivals, microbrewers, casual music, dancing or relaxing with close friends at a neighborhood establishment…we have it all in the Cedar Valley of Iowa.

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There are not many places where you can enjoy a robust sports scene while being outside the noise and commotion of a major metropolitan area. The Cedar Valley offers collegiate and semi-pro teams of all types. For those who want to be active themselves, the Cedar Valley has one of the most active bicycle and running clubs around because of the extensive trail systems throughout the metro and rural communities.

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Family Activities

In the Cedar Valley, it’s a question of which memories you will make this weekend. Year-round activity makes it hard for families to pick from annual holiday train and horse drawn rides, snowshoeing, one of the best-rated water parks in the nation, festivals, robust fireworks, and family-friendly bike trails to name a few.

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Could this be your place?

From cities to small towns, there is a perfect spot for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to explore the arts, traverse the bike trails, walk the downtowns or go out with friends and family, there is always something to do and great people to enjoy it with.

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