Winter Date Ideas in the Cedar Valley

What are Winter Date Ideas in the Cedar Valley

We found a terrific article written by Cayla Anne on Cedar Valley Adventures about some of the great places to go on dates in the Cedar Valley. She had lots of great ideas for dates ideas and here are some for the wintertime!

We hope you enjoy them!

There are lots of great activities in the wintertime in the Cedar Valley, even some you may not have thought of! Have you enjoyed any others that we didn’t list here? Let us know at!

  1. Snowshoe one of the many trails
  2. See a community play at Gallagher BluedornOster Regent, or a high school show
  3. Go ice skating at the Black Hawk Young Arena
  4. Explore the shops on your local downtown Main Street
  5. Try a new restaurant
  6. Try a new coffee shop
  7. Take a yoga class
  8. Find the best happy hour deals and try a new drink
  9. Take a beer tour at SingleSpeed
  10. Go thrifting
  11. Visit the Humane Society and pet the animals
  12. Volunteer somewhere
  13. Participate in an open mic night
  14. Take a class together
  15. Find a cute bookstore
  16. Take a painting class
  17. Challenge each other to karaoke
  18. Go to a bar’s trivia night
  19. Go bowling
  20. Visit a museum
  21. Go rock climbing at the University of Northern Iowa
  22. Get some hot chocolate
  23. See a live band
  24. Watch a college sports game
  25. Go out for a cup of tea
  26. Eat giant pancakes
  27. Explore Hartman Reserve
  28. Get a new plant
  29. Finish an escape room
  30. Visit the University of Northern Iowa’s botanical center
  31. Try new gelato at Stam’s
  32. Visit the Ice House Museum

Have fun and go adventure!

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